Version Control Systems and Git

Git is a widely used version control system that provide us to store and manage projects on the internet. First of all, lets talk about version control systems.. What is Version Control System ? A version control system is a giant undo button for your project. It save changes on the project at the different times and provide to reach previous versions of the project. … Continue reading Version Control Systems and Git

Complexity of an Algorithm

    Suppose there is a problem and two different algorithms. How can we decide which algorithm is better ? You can implement and run both of the algorithms, it is called Experimental Evaluation but it is expensive and waste of time. There should be another way to decide that. Actually, yes, there is. Let’s see..     The running time of an algorithm depends on … Continue reading Complexity of an Algorithm

Creating a sample database in Microsoft Access 2007

     We talked about what is database and why do people use it ? at this post. Now, we will create a sample database by using Microsoft Access 2007.  The reason behind choosing MS Access is it provides to create a database without any command so, it is a good way to learn basics of database for beginners. Okay, let’s begin..      When open up … Continue reading Creating a sample database in Microsoft Access 2007

Identifying Needs and Establishing Requirements

The main reason behind an unsuccessfull project is failures on identifying the requirements. It is difficult to build a solution if you don’t know requirements. What is requirement? Let’s see..      Requirements are the list of what the users need. They are small piece of informations that answers the what the system will do? and how will do that? At this point, requirements are categorized as … Continue reading Identifying Needs and Establishing Requirements


    There is no doubt that, the most important skill for a computer scientist is problem solving.  Learning about algorithms is the great way to improve problem solving skills. Problem  solving in computer science is consist of a few steps such as understand the problem, design an algorithm for that, prove correctness of the algorithm, analyse it then finally turn it codes. Well, but … Continue reading Algorithms

Introduction to Android Development

    Before start to Android Development we need to setup and configurate all the required tools.  In this post we will just explain which tools required and how to setup and configurate them for ready to start development. TOOLS First of all we need to setup required tools. Here is the list: Eclipse Java Platform, Standart Edition (Java SE),  JDK Android Starter SDK PREFERENCES After … Continue reading Introduction to Android Development