Creating a sample database in Microsoft Access 2007

     We talked about what is database and why do people use it ? at this post. Now, we will create a sample database by using Microsoft Access 2007.  The reason behind choosing MS Access is it provides to create a database without any command so, it is a good way to learn basics of database for beginners. Okay, let’s begin..      When open up … Continue reading Creating a sample database in Microsoft Access 2007

Database Design

    There are different types of database design. We will begin with the database design from existing data. It is a common type of design. Let’s think about a small company. They have employees, products, sales etc. and all their data recorded into spreadsheets. One day, the owner of the company decided to transfer all the data into computer. It is safer and useful. At this … Continue reading Database Design

Introduction to Databases

    A database helps people to find an interested data. Databases are consist of table(s) which have columns and rows and relationships between these tables. Each row stores data about related thing. Table names are written with all capital letters such as ‘PRODUCT, SALES, CUSTOMER’ and column names are written with initial letter on each  word such as ‘Price, CustomerName, UnitsSold’. While working with … Continue reading Introduction to Databases