Version Control Systems and Git

Git is a widely used version control system that provide us to store and manage projects on the internet. First of all, lets talk about version control systems..

What is Version Control System ?
A version control system is a giant undo button for your project. It save changes on the project at the different times and provide to reach previous versions of the project. One of the most important advantage of version control systems is recover the project when make a fatal change on that. Someone may delete a file by a mistake, it is not a problem anymore with version control systems. Besides that, you can compare the previous versions or you can see who were make a change on which part.
A version control system provides to work on a project together with more than one software engineer at the same time. Without a version control system only the last persons changes will be saved and the others changes will disappear. Version control systems prevent that and save each persons changes separately. Therefore, a version control system is the essential part of develop a software project.


So, Git is the one of the version control system. It has all the feature such as provide work on a project as a team, store and compare old versions of the project and so on.  Also, Git can be used off-line. It store a copy of the project on each users computer contrary to the other version control systems. In this way, each user can develop the project off-line. In addition to this, Git prevents occupy to much space on the memory and it works fast.


You can install Git from here.




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