Introduction to Android Development

    Before start to Android Development we need to setup and configurate all the required tools.  In this post we will just explain which tools required and how to setup and configurate them for ready to start development.

First of all we need to setup required tools. Here is the list:

Java Platform, Standart Edition (Java SE),  JDK
Android Starter SDK

After complete the all setup, run Eclipse and make required preferences.

Go to Workspace Launcher then click the Ok button and continue.
The next step will be setup Android SDK. Choose Install New Software option under the Help menu.
Then choose Add option from the Install box.
Then you will see a small window ask you Name and Location. Fill the areas like:
Name: Android SDK

After that, you will see the Developer Tools option. Activate it then click the Next button.

Finally,  make ADT Plugin configuration and then finish.
Choose Preferences option under the Windows menu to configuration. Then select Android and click the browse button to select SDK Location. On the opened screen find and choose the android-sdk-windows folder that downloaded with Android Starter SDK. Then click Ok, Apply and Ok.

Thats all. Now the computer is ready to develop android applications.


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