Singleton Pattern in Java

Lazy. Simple. Here is Singleton Design Pattern ! Singleton Design Pattern provides to obtain only one sample of an object. It is useful when demanding to use created object instead create new one like database or port connections. Singleton Design Pattern ensures that access to an only one exact object instead make copies of it.     Here is an example; Assume that there is … Continue reading Singleton Pattern in Java

Abstract Factory Method Pattern in Java

In a simplest explanation, Abstract Factory Method Pattern allows to create factories. It is almost similar like Factory Method Pattern. In Factory Method Pattern, you have allowed to create a factory that manufacturing different type of products from an only one factory. Abstract Factory Method Pattern is allow you to create these factories. Lets make it clear with an example.. Assume that there is a … Continue reading Abstract Factory Method Pattern in Java

Factory Method Pattern in Java

Factory Method Pattern or known as Virtual Constructor is a software design pattern that allows the subclasses to decide what type of objects to create. Lets make it more clear with a common example.. Assume that there is a car factory which is manufacturing different type of cars such as SUV, Truck, Sedan and Van. Since, each type of car have the basic car features, … Continue reading Factory Method Pattern in Java

Decorator Pattern in Java

Decorator pattern provides to add additional responsibilities to an object at runtime. There is no need to create subclasses. Lets look at UML diagram and explain the pattern with an example; Component: This is the actual interface that can be modified dynamically. It can be created as an interface or an abstract class. Concrete Component: The actual component that features can be added dynamically. Decorator: … Continue reading Decorator Pattern in Java

Observer Pattern in Java

Like all the people you have receive a notification from Facebook that says Blablabla commented on a status that you like. Did you ever wonder what is the thing behind that ? Here, Observer Pattern. As the name implies, Observer Pattern is a software design pattern that based on the relationship between an observer and a subject. Let’s say, you have a youtube channel. Each … Continue reading Observer Pattern in Java

A short introduction to Business Intelligence Systems

There are mountains of data but, which of them are useful for your specific purpose ? How could you analyze and manipulate them? How could you get correct business decisions by using the data you have? Here, Business Intelligence comes to help. Business Intelligence is a category that processes raw data to get useful data. It provides to get better business decisions to entrepreneurs and … Continue reading A short introduction to Business Intelligence Systems

What is JIRA ?

JIRA is an issue tracking product developed by Atlassian. There are three main products for manage projects and track issues; JIRA Software  (for Software development teams), JIRA Service Desk  (for IT teams and customer service), JIRA Core  (for Business teams) If you have a development team and you want to manage your software development project (especially agile software projects), JIRA Software is for you. You … Continue reading What is JIRA ?